The second project activity is to aid long term monitoring and conservation of important areas for wildlife, enabling planners to make informed decisions on spatial planning, and assisting the decision making process by developing new tools.

This has consisted of the development of an online mapping tool in Nord-Pas de Calais and of a planning and screening software solution in Kent which are available to planners and environment professionals at the start of the planning application process. The aim is to improve access to information – mainly data generated in Activity 1 and existing species records – for various users (local planning authorities, public and private land owners, developers, etc). By improving access to up-to-date data, we are hoping to enable key users to better take into account the importance of the condition and extent of our natural environment.

As spatial planning rules and procedures are different in both countries, access to information is tailor-made for the end users. Therefore, the project has developped two separate products that ultimately serve similar aims. This work has enabled both regions to exchange ideas about the development and use of their respective tools with input from an EU network specialised in satellite services.

The different steps taken to conduct this activity are:

  • Production of reports and recommendations
  • Piloting of recommendations (test)
  • Report launch and dissemination to EU networks
  • Development of a long term monitoring plan


The Nord-Pas de Calais webportal: 


For further information on the Kent Planning Application Software, contact:

The Kent and Medway Biological Record Centre
Brogdale Farm

Tel: 01795 532385

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