The ARCH project aims to improve the methods used to assess and monitor biodiversity by developing a cross-border map of natural habitats in Kent and in Nord-Pas de Calais. This will be made available to a wide range of stakeholders, and will use remote sensing technologies to update the information. One of the objectives is in the collection of homogeneous and specific data over the whole territory, consistent with European classifications, and the project will therefore contribute to the directive Inspire and to the convention of Aarhus. In order to work efficiently together, both regions have developed a common approach, with the collaboration of experts on both sides of the channel. > Learn more


The project is composed of three main activities:

  • Development of a regional and cross-border vectorial and georeferenced database of natural habitats
  • Development of an online mapping tool in Nord-Pas de Calais and of a planning and screening software solution in Kent
  • Analysis of the feasibility of using innovative techniques such as satellite imagery in comparison with aerial photography

The Kent Habitat Survey 2012 Final report

The Kent Habitat Survey 2012 Final Report is now available to view or download in pdf format:

Section 1 Executive summary (850kb)

Section 2 Introduction to Kent (3.5Mb)

Section 3 IHS Classification (1.5Mb)

Section 4 Methodology (3.4Mb)

Section 5 Results and Habitat Distribution by Districts (10.3Mb)

Section 6 Change Analysis and Results (2.2Mb)

Section 7 Appendices (1.3Mb)

The Kent Land Cover Change Analysis 1961-2008 (5.8Mb)  

Change Analysis of UK BAP Priority Habitats 2003-2012 (3Mb)

Photographs above courtesy of William Moreno, Steve Smith, Richard Moyse and Fiona Crouch.
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